By Authority of The Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee,
Faye Martin Howell, Treasurer.


The Prince George's Democratic Central Committee is comprised of 24 elected members from the 8 legislative districts of Prince George's County. Additionally, gender balance members(*) are appointed by the 24 elected members, so that there is an equal number of male and female members on the committee. These are the current members of the Prince George's County Central Committee.

District 21

Michelle García, At-large
Linda Diasgranados
Brian McDaniel, Parliamentarian

District 22

Danny Schaible, At-large
Emmett V. Jordan
Stephanie Hicks

District 23

Cheryl Landis, At-large and Chair
Ingrid Harrison, Assistant Secretary
Vanessa Agbar

District 24
Derrick Coley, At Large
Faye Martin Howell, Treasurer

Patricia Waiters

District 25

Kent Roberson, At-large
John Richardson
Rhonda Wallace  

District 26

Angela R. Jones, At-large and Secretary

Nora Carmichael
Antwan Brown

District 27

John D.B. Carr, At-large
Jacqueline Steele-McCall
Sydney Harrison

District 47
Donnie Arrington, At-large
Theresa Mitchell Dudley, 1st Vice President 
W. Thunder Williams, 2nd Vice President

PGC Young Democrats Liaisons

Nova Coston​

Lionel Taylor