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About Us

The Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee (PGCDCC) is comprised of 24 elected members from the eight legislative districts of Prince George's County. Additionally, gender balance members are appointed by the 24 elected members, so that there is an equal number of male and female members on the committee.

The PGCDCC is the county branch of the Maryland Democratic Party. While the Central Committee does not take a position on candidates in a contested primary election, we do promote the Party. Central Committee Members support the Democratic candidates in a partisan race.

In addition, the PGCDCC has the official responsibility to fill vacancies of certain offices due to the death or resignation of an elected official.  Also, it fills vacancies when no Democratic candidate has filed for nomination.  Subsequently, the PGCDCC makes recommendations to the Governor for appointments of members and substitute members to the local County Board of Elections as well as recommendations to other state and county boards.

The PGCDCC must demonstrate a strong commitment to the Democratic Party and its mission. All members should have active and recent experience in various political activities such as working for candidates, managing campaigns or as a candidate for elected office. The PGCDCC must support all Democratic candidates in the General Election. Central Committee members may be asked to make financial contributions and are expected to participate in activities.

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By Authority: The Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee, Faye Martin Howell, Treasurer.